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Good health, a strong COMMUNITY, and delicious food produced on farms with LIVING SOIL are components that create a great life.  Amazingly, that life has existed for GENERATIONS in Wisconsin, and thankfully continues to thrive right here in AMERY.

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The stories of this LAND, and the PEOPLE who have lived on and worked it, are an endless well of INSPIRATION and knowledge. We are here to LEARN from this heritage and contribute new thinking so FUTURE generations can continue to thrive.

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We do not live only for ourselves — we are members of a greater COMMUNITY, from one generation to the next.   We walk this road learning from the land so we can live well and progress together.  There is much to learn, and even more ways to GROW.

The Farms
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Through dedication to LOCAL, seasonal ingredients and continuous RESEARCH on how best to grow and prepare food, we are working to CONSERVE our community’s small farm heritage.

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