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Heat up the Night! Spicy Chicken Molé & Fresh Tortillas

Thursday, Jan 24 | 6-8 pm

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Our Mission

Farm Table Foundation grows local food culture through education, research, and training.

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Brooks Geenen 'Continuum of Will'


An ongoing exhibit, visit our exhibit space to see Brooks Geenen's 'Continuum of Will.' Brooks' body of work aims to explore the insertion of human will on the American landscape.


Building Community—treating all with respect and compassion, remembering we all share this place, and knowing that community includes the land, air, water, and creatures with whom we share our home.


Teaching Craft—focusing particularly on local foods and the craft of growing, preparing, preserving, and serving delicious food from healthy ingredients.


Supporting Conservation— restoring the land through agriculture that builds healthy soil, protects water and wetlands, and supports habitat for a diversity of life.


Growing local food culture—connecting the heritage of our grandparents with today’s best agricultural practices and traditional foodways to grow our community’s support of a local food economy.