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Lunch and Learn: Swedish Pea Soup and Pancakes

January 23 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
, $25

Swedish Pea Soup and Pancakes (ärtsoppa och pankaks) are served in essentially every Swedish restaurant on Thursdays–and have been served in homes and to the military since the 1400s. At that time, Sweden was a Catholic country; since Friday was a fast day, the king wanted to find something hearty to satisfy his people for those fast days. Yellow peas grew well in Sweden and were most always plentiful—thus, serving pea soup (and pancakes) before the Friday fast became a tradition. (Swedish pancakes are like crepes and served with whip cream and berries—usually lingonberries). Join us!

Terry Kelzer, local culinary and cultural expert, brings more than 50 years of cooking and baking experience, as well as a delightful sense of humor, to all her classes.




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